Our designs link innovation with individuality 


 Ajos-jewel sources its stylings from extraordinary unusual stories, travel and unconventional encounters


All Photography provided by Pia Neuenschwander 



The story behind the design, its innovation and craft 

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Design lines, Innovation, unusual material combinations

Are the key elements of this collection conceived for men and women.



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A tribute to timeless beauty with innovative workmanship



Gemini captures today’s quintesssence of a woman’s elegance and modern life.

She is a melange of glamor and avant-garde elegance

It combines function with styling and is presented in unmistakably clear lines.


For trendsetting women that wish to highlight their individuality by daily changing their presentation to suit the occasion

of dress with creative composition

Women should play with showing their jewellery by creating their individual look   



An outstanding combination of tradition and creativity. 


People wear Nautilus to present personality and individuality: 

To live revisit the unforgettable moments and facets of a woman’s life,

Anniversaries, special events and the most beautiful moments.    



A woman talks about jewellery to tell a story

 of passion, emotions, and preferences.




_75A4919 2.jpg

Nautilus is something special and unmistakably unique creating unforgettable memories

Often the purchase is linked to a special event gaining individuality with time.


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Ajos-jewel is a progressive, young and growing jewellery label.

The philosophy is simple: the personality of the wearer.

Taija Sigrist-Döring, born 1973 in South Africa, spent part of her youth in Germany and lives in Switzerland. She creates unconventional designs that are above the changing fashion stream, portraying  a timely effect and an immaculate lasting beauty.  

 In the spirit of her own tradition of continuous evolution, Taija was always involved in expanding the limits of jewellery technology and material  combinations and is creative in the forefront of avant-garde innovation with leading-edge designs.

 Jewellery is art, free from material restrictions.  Jewellery is history, memories and feelings.

 Jewellery shall promote the various facets of a woman.

Creations from ajos-jewel works with most moods. They decorate from morning to night, in business or at a gala even that makes the wearer a lady or a leader. 

Ajos-jewel will only deploy high value materials converted into creative design with artistic, loving care and detailed workmanship.

Design integrity and quality represent a key portion of ajos – jewel’s creations and thus form part of daily life demanded by a modern  lifestyle.





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